SUFI INTENSIVE with S. Burhanuddin, 7-8 March 2020, Amelia (ITALY)


with Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann

7-8 MARCH 2020
Casa Rabbani, Amelia (TERNI) – ITALY

“Know yourself
 and transform this knowledge into freedom.

Freedom from fear, sadness.
A door to happiness will open.

Then the awakening will be possible.”

Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann

**** The Intensive is
a 2 full days process,
that starts at 9.30
on Saturday and ends
at 17.00 on Sunday.
It will not be possible to participate
for a shorter time ****

(Of course everyone is most
welcome to arrive on Friday,
dinner at 20.00, and to stay over
also on Sunday night
for train/plane departure convenience)

Info and Bookings: