MASTER COURSE, 16-23 May 2019, Amelia (Italy)

“This Master Course is the invitation to open a new chapter
in your life.
Now more than ever it is necessary to raise our awareness.
For the common welfare and the individual welfare.

In this age it is no longer the label that counts, but your intention
to take your life into your hands and to learn to live a real life,
finally in joy, peace and love.
A life that is a blessing for yourself and for the others.

You will understand that the real life happens in a very
different dimension from the drama of your
always changing emotions.

If your intention is firm, the Existence will be at your service.
It will offer you everything to be successful, instantly.

This is the invitation: to learn to connect with your
energetic presence and to ride that energy to enter
inside of you, in the depth, to know yourself.

You’ll have to face the thin membranes of your deepest fears,
but only if you’ll be able to overcome them, you will be free.

My heart invitation is: know yourself
transform this knowledge into freedom.
Freedom from fear, sadness, and to open a door to happiness.
Then the awakening will be possible.

The birthright of every human being is to live in happiness.
And it is also our duty, because only a happy person can bring
peace and live in love.

You need to understand that there is no other source of your problems
besides yourself.
No one else is against you, except yourself, there is
no other burden to carry, except yourself.
There is neither a conspiracy, nor enemies.
And you can only be victorious, because you have no opponents.
There’s just you, with your cosmos and whatever you throw
in that cosmos it will come back to you.

Always remember one thing: Existence is never against you.

When you discover your true energy, and you’ll see your powers
unfolding layer by layer.

The good news is that there is no need to have any talent,
nor skill or merit.
Anyone, just as he is, can succeed.

Your real self is waiting for you.

Honestly, I can not imagine a more exciting adventure
than to know yourself!”

Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann