Sufism (second edition)

This new edition of the book, compared to the first edition, has been completely revised and updated. A new chapter presents a selection of the stories less known, but perhaps the most effective and touching of the Sufi tradition, as they were transmitted from the master to the Author, who reveals here their deepest meanings. […]

The Camel on the Roof

Sufism calls to mind charming images and words: the whirling dervishes, the enchanted verses of Rumi. However, in reality Sufism is much more than a particularly ‘aesthetic’ or ‘artistic’ aspect of Islamic mysticism. It is a religious practice that is alive and deep, an all-pervading passion, a way of living and dying shared by millions […]

The Metropolitan Dervish

This book offers to the modern metropolitan man, divided between work, relationships, inextricable traffic jams, the most useful tools to apply the ancient Sufi tradition into the everyday life.For what purpose? To transform the difficulties we encounter every day into useful teachings and to be able to live a life full of joy, gratefulness and […]


Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What do we believe? These are the existential questions that since ever man asks himself. They are eternal themes that fascinate us and at the same time disturb our mind. Which answers does Sufism offer? Sufism is a body of deep and complex […]