The new book is out!

basmalah piccolacopertina SUFISMO seconda ediz

The second edition of IL SUFISMO, totally revised, updated and enriched with sufi stories commented by Sheikh Burhanuddin, is out!
Available in all the main bookshops of Italy, on-line in the main bookseller websites (macrolibrarsi, ecc), and in Casa Rabbani in Amelia.
* The English version is in preparation.

A new chapter presents a selection of the stories less known, but perhaps the most effective and touching of the Sufi tradition, as they were transmitted from the Master to the Author, who reveals here their deepest meanings.

Sufism loves to transmit the teaching through stories, because they are simple, intimate, can be embraced.

A Sufi story is like the setting of a ring. If you were offered the single stone, the truth, it would burn you, and it would be hard to wear it. But if it is mounted on a ring, you can always carry it, watch it from time to time, and let it work on yourself.

It is said that a Sufi story contains seven meanings, depending on the spiritual state of the listener and the time it is heard.

These stories may be guarded in your heart. And remembered, when the time comes.

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