Taiwan: the island of the millenary trees


Shaykh Burhanuddin visites regularly Taiwan for leading Seminars there. Taiwan is a blessed land that host some of the eldest trees in the world a blessed land that host some of the eldest trees in the world.

“A visit from a brother is always a feast, but when it come a visit from a Sheikh, than things changes, and go to a higher level becoming a celebration, a spiritual blessing. It is the teacher that goes visiting the students bringing with him the flavor of the Sufi tradition: Love.

Love for everything in existence. Power to realize our journey into life. Hope and confidence that we are always guided no matter what happen around. Masters are always looking after us, sending to us their messages, their blessings, and their emissaries! Shaykh Burhanuddin is one of those emissaries sent to the far east by our beloved Sultan Ul Awliyah Mawlana Sheikh Nazim.
May Allah grant him long life and health, to teach us the highest human science: True Love.
We are all waiting for Shaykh Burhanuddin to visit again this Island and its simple and pure people. Might his journey to reach here be easy! ” (Ahmet)

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