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In Amelia, Italy, close to the city of Terni, there is since six years a dergah
– Casa Rabbani –
guided by Sheikh Burhanuddin. It is a meeting place and a shelter for the dervishes
and the searchers coming from all over the world.

The project has been wanted and blessed by Maulana Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani ar-Rabbani,
may his secret be sanctified, the 40° GrandSheikh of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order,
who showed always his support and love for this place.

In these years, Sheikh Burhanuddin lead and keeps on leading in Casa Rabbani many gatherings,
that for many of us have been the door on the world of spirituality
and the knowledge of our self.

The generous and fundamental contributions received from so many lovers
of the Way during the last Ramadan, unfortunately, are over.

Today, the first day of Safar (see Post: THE HOLY MONTH OF SAFAR),
the most difficult month of the year in which charity,
we are reminded by the masters, is the tool to mitigate the difficulties
and the burdens that this month brings, we like to renew
our call to the generosity of all.

Thanks to your contribution, Casa Rabbani will continue to bring together
dervishes and searchers on the Path from all over the world,
for prayer, meditation and a spiritual, creative living together.

You can send a bank transfer directly to the account
of our no-profit Association for Social Promotion
‘Sufi The Way of the Heart’:

IBAN: IT 44 N 05704 72530 000 000 00 8704
Banca Popolare di Spoleto, Amelia (TERNI), Italia

Or you can use the DONATE Paypal button
on the Home page of our website

Your help is crucial for the spiritual growth of many people.
We trust in your good heart.

In Gratitude,
May God bless you and reward you always.

Sufiway staff


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