SUMMER DERVISH CAMP, 1-6 August 2017, Amelia (ITALY)


S U M M E R     D E R V I S H     C A M P

1-6 August 2017

(from 8.00 pm on 1 August,
till 6.00 pm on 6 August)

Casa Rabbani, Amelia (TR), Italy

Everyone is welcome to spend
few days together
in praise, prayer, and brotherhood

On the 2nd August
we will go to Assisi for a second
One Day Intensive Seminar
with Ganga
about Indian Music
and Dhrupad Singing!

From the 3rd August together with Sheikh Jamaluddin from Rimini
we will study the Noble Qur’an,
we will revise the text of the Prayer,
we will see the principles
and the applications of Adab,

Hassan Grossi Bianchi will illustrate us
the principles of Islamic Sacred Architecture,

with Ibrahim Scioli and Ruknuddin Burbassi
we will practice the basic rhythms

for the Dhikr with the frame drum.

we will practice the Whirling,
and much more!

20 JULY !
(we can take only
a limited number of people) ***

Information and Booking:
[email protected]
+39 339 2973041

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