Shah Hamdan



One of the great Shaykh of our order, Yusuf al-Hamadani (may his secret be sanctified) (For details see Article: THE TEA-HOUSE) about nine hundred years ago went into retreat in Kashmir for forty days, accompanied by three hundred disciples. At that time, the population of the place was Hindu, but when they saw that crowd on the streets of the joyful and full of light dervishes just coming from the retreat, they wanted to belong to the same source: the whole country embraced Islam.

Kashmir has entered the path of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) through the love. You will not find fundamentalists Muslims there, only lovers. During the Friday prayer they praise their saints, listing them for hours and hours, calling them one by one, until all the attendants are all in tears.

Shah Hamdan, the King Hamdan, from Hamadani, this is how the saint is called in Kashmir. His maqam, the tomb, not far form the magic lake of Srinagar, is visited by many pilgrims from everywhere. A very mystical and loving atmosphere is tangible there. His body though is buried in Merv (Turkmenistan).


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