Rimini, 16 March 2014: ‘The Metropolitan Awakening’ Conference

piccolabismillahloca 16 mar 14 BAlmost 200 participants from all over Italy were attracted to Rimini. It has been a unique chance to hear the teachings and their applications in the daily life directly from the voice and the presence of one Zen master, one Sufi master, and a modern alchemist.

The audience was delighted, very attentive and participative in the singing with Shaykh Burhanuddin, and at the end smiling happy like children under the rain of bon bons, that our Shaykh Burhanuddin loved to thrown over them confessing that this is his favourite sport…

One of the participants came at the end, saying with tears in her eyes: “If your way is the way of the heart and of love I got the message, straight to the heart!”.

Many youngsters were hypnotized by the presence of Shaykh Burhanuddin and at the end they came to have the book signed or to simply be hugged by him.

The organizers could not help asking him to come back soon! October 5th, inshaAllah.

“A meeting of light that stoned us and let us incredibly in love with the Divine Game that we are called to follow. With simple few phrases Shaykh Burhanuddin moulded in perfection the spirit, ready to shake the light that was reflecting in all the participants. An infinite gratitude”. (Iman)

“The meetings with Shaykh Burhanuddin are always very intense: he is a melting pot of faith and devotion, wisdom and unconditional love, ecstatic joy and infectious humor.
In short, coming back home full of vital energy, I feel light and almost taller than usual”. (Ruknuddin)

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