Ramadan gifts

basmalah piccola

“In terms of soul, Ramadan is the fastest time. It is the month of decisions, because everything appears brighter and simple.
Ramadan is the divine announcement that God wants to offer us gifts: His mercy, His blessings. It is a month that puts things in order and allows us big openings.
It’s the invitation to close, for a month during the daytime, with the world and what represents it: food, sex, unnecessary thoughts. It is also the month of generosity, it is obligatory to give to those who have less than us.
In our Way it is also possible to fast at other times of the year: Mondays, Thursdays and the first and the last day of the month, in addition to the three days close to the full moon.
If we follow the full program, God takes care of us completely.”
Burhanuddin Herrmann, ‘Sufism’, 2nd edition, Armenia, Milano, 2015

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