MASTER COURSE 2014: 18-28 July in Casa Rabbani, Amelia

piccolabasmalahrabbani 4lLast year we spent together magic blessed days and nights making music, singing, studying Qur’an, the Holy Names, praying, fasting, laughing and flying high riding the holy blissful waves of Ramadan Sharif.

This year we will have the chance to go deep in the study of in the dervish arts: the study of prayers, Qur’an, singing, drumming, and much more.

“As salamu alaikum lovers and students of Maulana Sheikh Nazim.
We are happily inviting you to come and spend part of the sacred month
of Ramadan with us in our humble dergah Casa Rabbani.
Everyone is welcomed to support us
in that effort as much he or she can.
Your servant, 

* We will be are glad to send via mail all the detailed informations about the Master Course to the ones who will so request.


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