June 28th 2014, London: “The Wisdom of the Dervishes”, Workshop



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This well known Center in the heart of London, where the spiritual masters of the moment like Deepak Chopra like to work, invited Sheikh Burhanuddin to lead a Sufi Seminar with live music:

“Wisdom of the Dervishes.
A rousing medley of Sufi Spirituality with Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann”

Sufism is an ancient radical lifestyle based on love, knowledge and wisdom. Transcending all religions,  the objective of this workshop is to bring participants to their own joyful experience of who they really are as a divine part of the mystical Whole.

Through traditional, yet contemporary Sufi practices such as singing and chanting, they will be led to share an authentic experience, opening their hearts to the mysticism and beauty of life, indeed to themselves. Transmitting through his inspired teachings, singing and storytelling – traditional Sufi wisdom as well as episodes from his own adventurous life – Sheikh Burhanuddin will  infuse divine love into the hearts of participants,  allowing them to simply be, beyond personality constraint.

 Via a magical mix of humour, light heartedness and dynamic interaction, participants will be guided to recognize themselves beyond their conditioning, the veil of illusion that tells them that they are separate from the Whole, from God.

Inevitably they will be gently nudged to turn into a wider orbit of all-pervading love, which can then be realized in daily life.

June 28th, 10.30 am–5.30 pm
Park Crescent Conference Centre 229 Great Portland St, W1W 5PN

(the interview appears in the link above)

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