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Gesù (Isa) nella tradizione islamica

The Islamic world respects and reveres Jesus (Isa), peace be upon him.  He is considered one of the greatest of God’s messengers to mankind, a prophet full of might and power. This is reflected in the...


17 Dicembre 2017, La Notte delle Nozze di Rumi

Why cling to one life till it is soiled and ragged? The sun dies and dies squandering a hundred lived every instant. God has decreed life for you and He will give another and...


Il sacro mese di Safar (dal 1 Ottobre 2017)

Safar is the most intense, difficult month in which the tests increase,  but also the divine support to overcome them successfully. InshaAllah. ‘Safar’ in Arabic means ‘empty’, or ‘safron, yellow’. It is the month when Adam, a.s., was sent away from Paradise....