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La Vita

Devi sapere questo: La Vita non è mai contro di te. Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann


Mercy Oceans

Che Allah ci conceda i Suoi … Huuuu, infiniti Oceani di Misericordia. Che Egli ci conceda un piccolo bagliore per comprendere; è sufficiente lasciare tutto e correre verso quella Stazione di gioia; Stazione di...


Hodja Mullah Nasruddin: La Via

One sunny spring afternoon Nasrudin was sitting peacefully by the imposing North gate of Samarkand watching the colourful string of caravans following each other and followed in turn by the curious glances of the...

Birdsong bring relief 0

Birdsong bring relief

Birdsong brings relief to my longing I’m just as ecstatic as they are, but with nothing to say! Please universal soul, practice some song or something through me! Rumi


Storia sufi: il fabbro

Once there lived a metalworker, a locksmith, who was unjustly accused of crimes and was sentenced to a deep, dark prison. After he had been there awhile, his wife who loved him very much...


SAGGEZZA DI MAULANA: Tu sei una stella

O people, try to learn, we must learn something about our Lord and His most beloved servant. The man on Earth is like a star in the sky, appearing in the heavenly realms. No...


Smetti di nuotare

Stop swimming so hard, and climb in the boat with Noah. Rumi


Storia Sufi: Un desiderio per Arif

A man died far from his home, and in the portion of his will which he had available for bequest, he left in these words: “Let the community where the land is situated take...


Saggezza di Maulana: Muraqaba e Rabita

Allah Almighty is ordering His servants to follow the steps of His friends, and to be with them. Therefore we should be like neighbors with blessed people with our physical body. Then we may...


Come trovare la giusta direzione?

È importante cercare la connessione con Dio, perché esiste solo Lui. Nella preghiera apriamo le mani verso l’alto, inspiriamo e riceviamo una connessione con il Superiore. Per un momento diventiamo silenziosi e permettiamo che...