Casa Rabbani, nuestra derga de Amelia, es una derga abierta para dar hospitalidad a los hermanos y hermanas, familias, todo el año y sobretodo para las vacaciones de verano !
Amelia es una pequeña ciudad medieval en el corazòn de la verde y mistica Umbria, la tierra donde naciò San Francisco de Asis. No està lejo de Asis, Perugia, Todi, Gubbio y a 50 minutos de Roma.
Amelia a una altura de 500 metros es una ciudad muy antigua, entre los poblados mas antiguos de Italia, construida antes del 1100 a.C. La parte antigua de Amelia està rodeada de dos km de espectaculares murallas “ciclopiche” del VII siglo a.C. ademas de murallas romanas y medievales. Conserva seis puertas antiguas de entrada a la ciudad.
Una catedral medieval, el Duomo, el teatro de madera  del siglo XVIII son otros puntos de interès,juntos a muchos palacios del renacimiento de gran belleza. A pocos pasos de la Puerta Romana, se encuentra la pequeña iglesia de las Cinco Fuentes, donde debajo de la parra, San Francisco se sentaba a predicar.
Hay un tren directo desde el aereopuerto de Fiumicino (Roma) que llega a la estaciòn de trenes de Orte, a 25 minutos de Amelia. A 20 minutos se encuentra la estaciòn Narni-Amelia.
A Casa Rabbani se llega caminando en 10 minutos desde el centro de Amelia y hay varios autobuses que la conectan con la ciudades de los alrededores.
En cualquier caso, tendremos el placer de ir a buscar a la estaciòn de trenes.

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Casa Rabbani is a dergah, our dervish meeting place. A shelter where the dervishes live, meet, pray, praise and work together.

“This place is the house of God. It is your house. Therefore the first thing we practice here is respect. What is respect? It is the absence of the will to change someone or something.

This place must be a house of respect and devotion. This is why we are here: to shift from emotion to devotion.

When you keep yourself in respect and devotion, you forget about yourself, your emotions and your situation. If you are fixed in them and you always remember your emotions, then you live inside of them.

If you look into Life you look into God. If you only look into your situation you cannot look into Life, you are just dominated by your ego.

Because when you look in your situation you want to judge it, you want to change it. But you cannot. Life has to be lived as it is, not to be changed.

In your situation you can only see misery, sadness. If you look in Life, in God, joy is there. Only God can give you happiness.

But you want to become happy into your situation. But there you cannot touch happiness because  happiness is only in God.

Therefore we put this house first in the name of God. This should be your intention. We want to make it a garden, a garden of God, a garden of happiness.”

Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann




‘Chilla’ in Arabic and Persian means ‘forty’, referring to the duration days of the classic retreat in the Sufi tradition. Another widely used term is khalwat. ‘Khane’ means room.

“Why the retreat, one of the most powerful advanced practices of our Way, is so difficult to accomplish? Because when we find ourselves isolated in a room, alone, for forty days with no distractions, no books, no newspapers, no TV, and little food, we are forced to look within ourselves.
And what do we see? The nothingness.
Addressing that nothingness scares us, it’s a little bit like dying.
But this is our reality.
We are like dust, stars’ dust.”
Burhanuddin Herrmann, “SUFISM”, new edition, 2015, Armenia.

Here’s the new project for Casa Rabbani: to restore the three rooms in the annex to the existing dergah, and make them livable for hosting each year, in different periods, three students in rotation, under the direct instructions of Sheikh Burhanuddin, to complete this important practice of the dervish path. It’s also planned the construction of additional facilities behind the building.

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