Which kind of questions is it advisable to ask?

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They should be questions of the heart. All what you can find on google or wikipedia do not ask. Some students like to release statements or share their opinion, instead of asking questions. This position leads to ruin the moment, and bring to general depression.

The statement comes from the ego that knows, and not only, it knows to know better than everyone else, and so it takes the opportunity to explain to those present how things really are.
Other disciples are lazy and do not want to do their homework. Then they venture into spiritual questions that are not within their sphere of reality. They ask about endosferic theory of the universe, about the relationship among the various prophets, what shape God has, and so on.
The answer to this kind of question will not change the lives of those who have made it, therefore these are useless questions because they do not come from the heart. They are questions produced by the ego when it feels cornered.
Perhaps those who put this kind of questions he thinks maybe the Sheikh is a bit sleepy at that time, and an answer could always runs out of his mouth, you never know.
Maulana has developed a foolproof method for this type of students: when he is asked a question like that, he answers talking about something completely off topic. After a while, of course, they stop making mental questions.

It is better to be practical in the questions, the present moment always requires practicality.

There is only the present moment, now. Whatever we want to know, the answer is always there.
Every time we arrive in the present moment, we and our history, who inhabit both always in the past or future, they disappear. At that time certain questions disappear.
We have a soul, a spirit, a body, a mind, an awareness: just look inside to know.

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