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Laylatul Qadr: The Night of Power

(Mausoleum of Baba Taher, Iran)  (see also Post: THE HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN) Laylatul Qadr In the last decade of Ramadan we celebrated the night of Laylatul Qadr, the most important night of the...



RAMADAN KARIM! Tonight first tarawih prayer. The holy month of Ramadan starts tomorrow inshaAllah. The sunnah requires to observe the ritual fasting of the holy month of Ramadan: it is one of the five pillars...


Maulana Urs Sharif, 7th May 2018

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu-Allahu wa barakatuhu My deep condolences to every one, to everything, to all Mawlana’s honored and blessed family first and to all mankind and Jinns. My condolences to every human, every...


The sacred Night of Laylatul Bara`ah: Monday, April 30th 2018

The night of Monday 30th April should be the The Night of Laylatul Bara`ah, the 14th night of the holy month of Shaban.  The Night of Bara`ah (nisf Sha`ban) Another significant feature of the month of Sha`ban...


Happy Birthday Maulana

  Remember God so much that you are forgotten. Let the caller and the called disappear; be lost in the Call. Rumi


The holy month of Sha’ban

Today, April 14th 2018, the holy month of Sha’ban started. Merits of Sha`ban Sha`ban the holy month starting today, is one of the meritorious months for which we find particular instructions in the Sunnah of...



Next Thursday, the night between the 12th and the 13th of April will be: Isra’ and Miraj (Rajab 27th) The Prophet (saw) said, “If someone keeps the fast on the 27th day of Rajab,...


Youtube Channel

  Here is the new YOUTUBE CHANNEL of Sheikh Burhanuddin: BURHANUDDIN HERRMANN and here are the links of the videos uploaded up till now:  (English version)   (Italiano)   (English version)  (English version)...