Brescia, 15 March 2014: Welcome back

piccolabismillahOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShaykh Burhanuddin is back!

After almost three months of fasting from his presence, he has been with us for a full shining day in Brescia this Saturday!

In great shape and radiant, singing the most Beautiful Names in a magic melody, accompanied by an irresistible Indian mini armonium called shruti box. He was singing not only the Names, but also part of the sohbet in a totally new style of gathering, addressing straight to our souls. In Love and tenderness, as always he offered us the latest recipes with all the ingredients for happiness.

“I follow Shaykh Burhanuddin since only one year and I was still sailing through meanings, partial understandings and oceanic questions. Then the Brescia meeting on Saturday. I don’t know how and why, but it looks like that it enlightened me the way, like when in a dark night suddenly the full moon arises from behind the mountains.  The voice of Shaykh Burhanuddin, unfolding in the singing, vibrating and reassuring me, his words as always dedicated to the daily living, our voices, the rhythm of the drums, the praisings to Allah, made me enter in a sweet but strong atmosphere, leading me into an unpayble emotion and changing, i felt forever, my way of perceving myself and the world. So many months away from the Shaykh were worth this moment! Alhamdulillah and so much joy for everyone!” (Amina)

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