AWAKENING IN THE CIRCLE: 13-18 August 2015, Amelia

basmalah piccola


S U F I   M A S T E R   C O U R S E  (Part I)


with Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann

from 21.00, 13th August

to 17.00, 18th August 2015

Casa Rabbani
Amelia (TERNI)

A very powerful retreat.
A continuos dhikr will be recited in the dergah all the time
with no interruption during the peak days of the gathering,
by an group of participants
 alternating with the other groups
that will be in turn cooking or sleeping.
The rest, is silence.

“Our own self is awaiting to be awakened at any moment. 

The ritual of the circular Dhikr,
throughout the 3 days
of the peak moment of the retreat,
is going to knock at your heart deeply.

It is especially in these times
that each and everyone has to try
to walk the road of servanthood. 

The Dhikr makes us to remember who we are. 

And as the Beloved of Allah said: Who knows himself, knows his Lord.

We like to welcome you to this soul journey
to the Lord of Universes.”

Your servant


Informations and Bookings: 
[email protected]
(+39) 339 2973041

*** It is possible to participate for a shorter period.
However, since the retreat is very structured,
it is fundamental to book. 
Thank you. ***

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